Tips to Avoid Storm Damage Contractor Scams

Don’t become a victim of roofing contractors taking advantage of an already unfortunate situation. There are several warning signs to be cautious of while looking for the right contractor to do repair your roof after it has been damaged. Listed below are some tips to make this process a bit easier on your part.

Know Their Credentials

Top indicators of the credibility of your contractor heavily rely on their license status, which can be verified by the licensing board, and whether or not they are listed on your insurance companies ‘recommended contractors list’. Reviewing the contractor’s references and recent work that is similar to your needed repairs will also be a good indicator of the service they can provide for your damaged home.

Complete the Job, Then Pay

Door-to-door knockers can often times ask for deposits without doing any work. Be wary of these contractors and definitely avoid those who require full payment up front. Before making any payments, you should require a written contract stating the work that will be completed and when it will be done by. You should also require the appropriate documents stating that all subcontractors and suppliers have been paid so you don’t have to worry about them later on.

Contractor Should Provide Permits

It is the contractor’s duty to pull the required building permits before beginning any construction project on your home regardless of what they say. If you are told that it is your responsibility to obtain the permit, you should call your insurance company to confirm what the claim will require on behalf of the contractor.

Keep your Proof

Be sure to keep copies of all of the written contracts, quotes, statements and receipts for your own benefit because you may need proof for your insurance company. Also, ensure that the contractor’s work is inspected by the certified building department. This will be proof that you should have before paying the contractor the full amount.

This article is provided on behalf of Peak Xteriors, a Minneapolis roofing and siding company.

February 25, 2014


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